281. Alyssa Cole and Alisha Rai: Romance and the Resistance from Politics and Prose

Hooray! Thanks to Politics and Prose on the Wharf, I have the audio of the November 29, 2017, panel with Alisha Rai and Alyssa Cole, Romance and the Resistance. We talk about their favorite scenes in one another’s books, and which character is an homage to Alisha’s dating life (heads up for the Alisha Rai Dating Story Fans, we have a great one in here). We also discuss joy, romance, and the ambition of happiness as elements of resistance, how to persevere with happiness when things around you are bleak, and what happens when you Google “sexy grilled cheese sandwiches.”

About 35-40 minutes in, I didn’t repeat a question, and I apologize, but I kind of remember it: what do you do when people in your life discourage you from reading romance, or won’t take your recommendations because they look down on the genre? Then, around 50 minutes in, there’s a question that I didn’t repeat about quirks that Alisha and Alyssa may or may not notice in their writing.

Sorry about that!

And finally: around 22 minutes in, Alyssa talks a bit about how the rape of black women inspired some of the forms of activism behind the civil rights movement.

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