263. Behind the Scenes with Clothing, Creativity, and Cover Art: An Interview with Alyssa Cole

In an interview recorded at RWA, I interviewed Alyssa Cole, and we talked about…clothing! Don’t worry – we start with books and history. And Hamilton!

We begin by talking about her upcoming publications, and about the pockets of resistance among people in the South during the Civil War who fought against the Confederacy. Some of her research on that topic appears in A Hope Divided. Then we focus on her spring release from Avon, A Princess in Theory, which combines spam email (or is it?), a young woman studying epidemiology, and a royal dude who comes to the US to do some Official Prince-ing.

The cover for this book is stunning – and we take a very cool deep dive into the development of the image. We talk about independent clothing designers, entrepreneurs in fashion design and development, the history and sociology of clothing, and about Adorned By Nicole, who made the dress for the A Princess in Theory cover – and several of Alyssa’s conference clothing items as well.

PLUS! We have a special coupon from Adorned by Nicole – thank you, Nicole! You can get 10% off an item from Adorned by Nicole on Etsy with the code ALYSSA10. Yay!

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

You can find Alyssa Cole on her website, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

And! You can find Adorned by Nicole on Etsy, and the coupon for 10% off an item from her store is ALYSSA10. Thank you, Nicole! Your work is beautiful.

Alyssa also mentioned, in addition to Adorned by Nicole:

And you can read an excerpt of A Princess in Theory in Cosmo.

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