2018 SBTB Hanukkah-palooza, Night Five!

A menorah against a blue and white background with the ladies quadrant in a frame next to the menorah For the fifth night of our Hanukkah-palooza, Elyse has another a prize collection for the crafty Bitches out there – the nerdy crafty ones in particular. This collection is so fun.

Take it away, Elyse!


This holiday I wanted to celebrate some of things that have given me joy this year. The theme for this Hanukkah giveaway is knitting and nerdery.

The knitting community is largely female, and it’s also super nerdy. It’s a very safe place to express your joy over The Doctor being a woman or Captain America’s beard. There are knit-alongs that celebrate nerd culture, tv shows and movies. Even big dyers like Madelinetosh get in the game with their Black Panther and Stranger Things collections.

First things first, I’m including some romance novels in this giveaway. Shocking, I know. I’ll include several books, and try to make sure they cover a variety of sub-genres.

Next up I’m including one of my absolute favorite knitting books: Unobtainables: Fake Elements, Real Knits by Allison Sarnoff and Heatherly Walker.

I have gotten so much mileage out of this book, you guys.

The cover of Unobtainables. The top half has a woman wearing knitted golden bracelets and dressed as Wonder Woman. On the bottom there is a picture of Captain America themed socks, a woman in a teal shawl and a woman in a red scarf, holding a knife behind her back.

This book features 25 patterns inspired by Marvel (Captain America’s socks!), DC (Wonder Woman’s bracelets!), Star Wars, Star Trek, and more fandoms. These patterns include shawls, scarves and socks, and utilize the techniques of cabling, colorwork and lacework. It’s appropriate for intermediate knitters.

We see the back of a model wearing the Orichalcum shawl. It's a gray half-moon shawl with lots of lacework. The model has a bright white wig on, pulled back into a ponytail and is holding the edges of the shawl up so we can see the pattern clearly.

This book features a lot of sock patterns, which is why I love it so much. Socks are my jam.

First of all, socks knit up quickly, and secondly they offer the perfect blend of TV knitting and paying attention to keep my brain happy. Plus sock yarn is beautiful and you only need one skein to make a pair of socks.

The feet of a model display socks that have a textured pattern that looks like the Daleks from Doctor Who. The socks are beaded to accent the pattern and are knit in a gold/bronze colored yarn. The model is perched on a stool
Check out these Dalek socks!

I’m including some of that beautiful sock yarn in this giveaway too. Both of these dyers are from Wisconsin and the yarn was sourced my local little yarn shop Fibre. Shop small and local!

Two skeins of yarn side by side against white background. The first skein is purple and an intense blue with just a little teal mixed in. The second skein a peachy-orange with red mixed in.

The first skein is from Critical Sheep Yarn.  This is their D4 Fingering weight yarn, 436 yards in 75% superwash merino/ 25% nylon. The colorway is called Autumn Fire and it’s really bright and beautiful.

The second skein is from Black Cat Fibres. This is their Nomad Sock yarn, a 4-ply fingering weight yarn. This skein is 463 yards, 75% superwash merino /25% nylon. The colorway is called Monet. I love the dash of teal in this yarn. I’m also adding a Black Cat reusable tote bag that doubles as a project bag. This tote has pockets! It’s great for stashing yarn or hauling groceries.

Finally, I’m including some stitch markers from Wee Ones. I discovered this vendor at Rhinebeck, and I love her products so much. I’ve purchased her dog breed stitch markers for my friends as holiday gifts, and I have a set of cat stitch markers for myself.

I was almost tempted to keep these cats wearing Pussy Hats for myself, but they’re such a great celebration of knitting and feminism that I knew I had to include them in this giveaway.

Four polymer stitch markers of cats wearing bright pink pussy hats. There is a Siamese cat, a longhair grey cat, a white cat and a black cat.


Ready to enter? Hope so!

Just leave a comment telling us what piece of media you love to fangirl/fanboy over! Love Marvel? Have a favorite anime? Let us know!

Standard disclaimers apply: I am not being compensated for this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Open to international residents were permitted by applicable law. Must be over 18 and ready to activate your Wonder Twins powers. I’m sure even superheroes need to wear socks at some point. Do you think Superman is rocking some printed socks under his boots? Please, don’t tell me he goes sockless because…yikes.

Comments will close Friday 7 December 2018, at or near 12pm ET, and winner will be announced shortly afterward.

Good luck, Happy Hanukkah, and thank you for being part of Smart Bitches!


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