10 Things You Need If Coffee Runs Through Your Veins – SELF

When I first wake up, I’m a bleary-eyed coffee Hulk who hates everyone and everything. Don’t talk to me before my coffee. Don’t look at me before I’ve had my coffee. And especially don’t attempt to make a joke before I’ve had my coffee.

Within 30 minutes of that first delicious life-affirming sip, I start feeling like myself. The coffee Hulk subsides, and I can ease into my workday with a comforting mug of love next to my laptop.

Although I’ve gone through phases where I was a straight-up five-cups-a-day coffee addict, nowadays I savor my morning java. My ritual involves grinding beans that I order by mail from my hometown roaster, Leelenau Coffee, timing the water to get it to the perfect brewing temperature (one minute off boiling), and letting the coffee steep in my French press for exactly three minutes. I choose my mug based on my mood: Lil’ Bub on days where I need a laugh, a potty-mouthed mug when I’m especially ornery, or an extra-large mug when I know that a regular cup just won’t be enough.

I’m not alone in my deep affection for coffee—or my affinity for specific beans, mugs, and brewing methods. Anyone who really loves coffee has at least one product that she feels very strongly about—whether that’s a coffee blend that reminds her of a specific place and time, or a travel mug that just makes mornings so much more convenient. As you might guess, an office full of journalists and graphic designers is teeming with coffee enthusiasts, so I polled SELF staffers to get their must-have coffee products. Here are our favorites. Now excuse me while I grab a refill.

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