Whatcha Reading? May 2017 Edition

Open book with light and sparkles floating up from the pages.Is it really Whatcha Reading time again? Admittedly, with my recent travel, I haven’t been reading as much as previous months. But summer in the U.S. is fast approaching and I’m hoping that means some quality outside reading and lazing. Have you hit a lull like me or is your reading pace full steam ahead?

Redheadedgirl: I just finished the Romance Readers Guide to Historical London ( A | BN ) (what, you don’t read travel guides like novels?) and just started The Glassblower by Petra Durst-Benning ( A | BN ), which I bought during the Reader Rec party at RT. “How do you spell that? d-u-r..? Yeah, that’ll be waiting for me when I get home.”

Carrie: I just (as in, one minute ago) finished reading Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan. It’s a romance between two young adults (18 and 19) who are gay – one has major depressive and anxiety disorder and the other is on the autism spectrum. I disliked the fact that the autistic character, Emmett, is a savant because I know that is a stereotype. I also noticed that all the main characters are white. Other than that, I loved the discussions of autism, depression and anxiety, and physical disability, I loved the interactions between characters, and I loved that the couple has an active sex life and insists on being respected as an actual couple, not something “cute.”

I will warn readers that at one point a character discusses suicidal ideation in a way that is very powerful but was also very triggering for me – on the other hand, that passage in addition to so many other conversations helped me think about my own disabilities in a more positive way. The book explicitly spells out that loving relationships are helpful and important but do not “cure” things. I don’t feel knowledgeable enough about the topics the book addresses to give a full review, but as a novice reader I loved it, moving on to the sequel!

Amanda: I’m currently listening to Wicked Intentions ( A | BN | K | G | iB ) on audio and I’m really loving it. I was just lying in bed listening to it the other night. It’s wonderful.

After that, I have no clue what to start. Right now, it’s between White Hot by Ilona Andrews ( A | BN | K | iB ) – EEEP! Or The Deep End by Kristen Ashley ( A | BN | K | iB ), which was the book I was desperately searching for at RT and mentioned in our Sleepy Bitches RT podcast.

Sarah: I’m reading Dragon Bones by Jasmine Walt and Ines Johnson. So much is revealed in the first six chapters or so I’m not sure what is and isn’t a spoiler!

Nia is an immortal archeologist, and there are a handful of other immortals in the world. There’s relics and history from multiple cultures and continents — and also some violence against animals so be ye warned. Nia teams up with a woman named Loren who has a relic that Nia can authenticate – likely because she wrote it a few thousand years before.

I’m not huge into urban fantasy, but this is a lot of fun, and a feminist, intelligent spin on the idea of Lara Croft.

Elyse: I’m reading The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean ( A | BN | K | iB ). It’s about a Duke trying to woo his wife back when she wants nothing to do with him (for excellent reasons) and it’s both wonderfully angsty and funny. And there’s a cat named Brummell who is there for comic relief.

What have you read this month? Has anything surpassed your expectations? Let us know in the comments!

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