Watch Bleachers Play to Very Keen 6 AM Fans on ‘Good Morning America’

Jack Antonoff—who, dog-related controversies aside, is having a great year—woke up early yesterday morning to play to a group of extremely keen people in Central Park as part of Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series. He played three songs: “Don’t Take The Money” and “I Miss Those Days” from this year’s Gone Now, and “I Want to Get Better” from 2014’s Strange Desire. Sadly, he left off “Everybody Lost Somebody,” which is not only the best song on Gone Now, but a strong contender for a top-three pop song of the year.

He did give a brief interview to GMA host Michael Strahan, though, discussing his 80s influences. “I was born—well, I guess when I was inside my mother… when I was a kid being breastfed and stuff, I was hearing sounds of Depeche Mode and Yaz, that was what was on the radio. Between that, and just a real love of John Hughes movies.”

It’s all very sweet and Jack Antonoff is very handsome and I’m sure everyone had a very good time man listening to the nice man play music. See if you can absorb some of the wholesomeness by watching the videos below.

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