[Update: After a long beta, the official version is out today] The Elder Scrolls: Legends card battle game comes to Android in pre-release form

Finally, Bethesda’s storied Elder Scrolls series is available on Android! Sort of. If you were hoping to romp through Skyrim or one of the older open world RPGs that PC and console players love, well, keep hoping. The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a card battle game, like Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, or any of the hundreds of similar titles in the Play Store. At the moment it’s in pre-release (beta), but it’s listed as compatible with both phones and tablets running Android 4.0 and higher.

After a massive load time, Legends opens up with a desktop-style login screen (no Google Play Games support) and a tiny-type interface – clearly there’s a lot of work to be done if this game is going to be mobile-friendly. Players are encouraged to go through the story mode, set in the deep lore of the franchise, to unlock several decks before advancing to multiplayer. Unfortunately that’s as far as I could get: the interface collapsed on me in my first battle, so any in-depth comparisons to competing card games will have to wait for a more stable release. Taking a peek at some of the play sessions available already, the game appears to have quite a lot in common with Hearthstone, with some interesting variances in a lane-based table setup and more complex standard mechanics. Deck-building and card leveling are big parts of the game.

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends doesn’t have a firm release date for Android, only a “coming soon” status from E3 this year. The beta is available (and much more playable) on the PC, and logins should sync across devices. Right now I’d recommend playing it on your computer first, especially if you plan on partaking in any in-app purchases, which go up to a hefty $70.

The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™
The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™
Price: Free+

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