UCheck: update checker and software installer by RogueKiller creator

UCheck is a free and professional program for Microsoft Windows devices that checks installed software for updates semi-automatically.

Windows, apart from apps that come from Windows Store, does not ship with options to download software or update installed programs from a central repository.

Programs may ship with their own, unique, way of checking for updates, and downloading and installing updates, but not all offer that option.

This puts users of the operating system in a difficult spot when it comes to software updates.

Software update monitors like SUMo, are designed to take pressure off of users by checking for updates automatically.


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UCheck offers similar functionality. The program has been created by the author of RogueKiller Anti-Malware, a popular program to detect and remove malware and advanced security threats such as rootkits or worms.

The free version is offered as an installer, and as a portable version for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

The program is relatively easy to use once you understand what it has been designed for.

The start page lists an option to scan the system for outdated programs, and to check for updates for UCheck itself.

It is quite fast when it comes to listing all installed software, and updates for supported programs. One reason for that is the program’s relatively small database of programs that it supports in that initial version.

While limited, it does support some of the biggest names in the software world including Firefox, Opera, Skype, VLC Media Player, Adobe Flash, GIMP, or Java.

You can switch to the updates tab to list all programs for which updates were found. The page lists the old and new program version, as well as the release date of the latest version that is in UCheck’s database.

ucheck update check windows

Most programs feature a download and install button, and some a website-only button. If you see a download and install button, hit download first to download the latest program version from the Internet.

Once done, UCheck changes the background of the listing to purple to indicate that the latest version has been downloaded. The install button becomes available then, and will trigger the installation of the program on the system if activated. There is no option currently to install updates silently though.

Programs that were updated successfully are displayed with a green background and a checkmark icon.

You may repeat the process for any other application with updates.

The available tab may cause some confusion initially. It lists about 40 programs that you can download and install. You can do so even if the program is not already on the system UCheck is run on.

This may be useful in certain situations, but it is far from the functionality that software installers such as Ninite or Silent Helper offer.

Still, downloads are fast and just two clicks away, so it may have its uses for some users.

The installed tab lists all programs that are installed on the machine. You may uninstall any of the programs with a right-click using the default uninstaller.

The “buy” button has no function right now, but it will later be mapped to the purchase of the premium version. It is unclear right now what the premium version will offer that the free version does not. Could be automation, silent installs, or more program options to customize UCheck.

Closing Words

UCheck is a promising program. Since it is beta, we don’t rate it right now. The program needs a bit of work, especially when it comes to the list of support programs, as it is rather small.

Still, definitely a program to keep on the radar, as it will surely evolve over time.

Now You: What’s your software update strategy?

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