Trump’s Own Lawyer Contradicts Trump’s Statement That He Is Under Investigation

One of Donald Trump’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, went on to Meet The Press to contradict the President’s own words, which can be seen in the tweet below. Sekulow claims that Trump is not in fact under investigation by the FBI, but rather Trump was tweeting in response to a critical Washington Post story.

“I’m just curious, why doesn’t the President embrace this investigation if he’s innocent?” asks Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd.

“Because everyday, The Washington Post and The New York Times are utilizing supposed leaked information about supposed investigations about the President of the United States,” responds Sekulow. “So his legal team and the President responds. But when you see a tweet… that tweet takes maybe fifteen seconds. This is not taking up the President’s day.”

Sekulow later reiterated that there is no investigation into the President for obstruction of justice.

Newt Gingrich went on to This Week and echoed a similar sentiment. “Trump has a compulsion to counter-attack,” said Gingrich. “I don’t think that tweet helped him.”


You can watch clips above and below.

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