Trump Wondered “Why Was There A Civil War?” And 22 Other Facts You Need To Know Immediately

1. Ended Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn program.

2. Threatened to terminate the United States’s trade agreement with South Korea.

3. Suggested the government could use “a good shutdown.”

4. Gave Jared Kushner another job.

“Per an executive order signed Monday morning, Kushner and two deputies are launching a group called the American Technology Council, a joint effort between Silicon Valley and the White House to ‘transform and modernize’ how the federal government ‘uses and delivers digital services,'” VICE reports.

5. Referred to Kim Jong Un as “a pretty smart cookie.”

6. Cut off an interview with CBS’s “Face Of The Nation” after not answering a question about his wiretapping claim.

7. Had a “very friendly” chat with Philippines dictator Rodrigo Duterte.

8. Read the lyrics to “The Snake” at his 100-day rally, again.

“It worked for Trump during the 2016 campaign. For many of his voters, ‘The Snake’ perfectly encapsulated their views of undocumented workers: Sneaking into the US under false pretenses and then immediately turning on the same people whose country they had entered. Trump stoked this idea by regularly citing heinous crimes committed by people who had come to the country illegally,” CNN reports.

9. Gave literal Nazi Sebastian Gorka a job outside the White House.

10. Set aside a casual $61 million for non-White House Trump protection.

11. Tried to tell us we don’t know our U.S. history.

12. Said the words, “Why was there a Civil War?”

13. And said that if Andrew Jackson hadn’t died before the Civil War, he wouldn’t have “let it happen.”

14. Allegedly “negotiated” a “spending deal” for these useless pieces of trash.

15. Switched on a missile defense system in South Korea.

Which North Korea called “reckless,” and pushing the area “closer to nuclear war.”

16. Appointed homophobic Tennessee state senator Mark Green as Army Secretary.

17. Said this:

18. Wished, again, that he was enjoying his “previous life.”

19. Signed a “Free Speech And Religious Liberty” executive order.

20. Pushed a revised version of the AHCA bill (aka Obamacare repeal), this time allowing sexual assault (among other things) to be considered a pre-existing condition, through the House.

21. And then celebrated with a lame party.

22. Returned to New York for the first time since the inauguration.

Trump was met with protests when he arrived at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. “By midday, the stops at the Peninsula and Trump Tower had been dropped from the schedule, and the trip had been shortened to Mr. Trump’s appearance aboard the aircraft carrier, his feet barely touching New York soil,” the Times reports.

Trump also met with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the Intrepid.

23. Proposed cutting 95% of the budget for the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

So much for making America safe again!

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