This Woman Found “Octopus-Looking” Mold Inside Her Coconut Water And Now She Plans To Sue

“Vita Coco is a preservative-free beverage made from naturally-occurring ingredients. While the consumer has yet to return the product for testing, this looks like typical food spoilage,” said Arthur Gallego, Vita Coco’s global director of corporate communications.

“This consumer’s product was likely left opened, improperly refrigerated, or damaged, and after reviewing the images she has posted, we are confident it is mold growth,” he added.

According to the company’s website, Vita Coco is shelf-stable for up to a year and must be refrigerated and consumed within 24 to 48 hours after opening.

Kline said she’d bought the coconut water at her local grocery store less than a week earlier and had followed the company’s guidelines for refrigeration. She said she even “heard the click” when opening it, indicating that it was sealed.

“When I open my Vita Coco, I don’t let it sit more than a day and a half in the fridge,” she said.

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