This Smiling Siberian Husky Will Put An End To All Your Woes

1. Meet Maru, the Siberian Husky who has been capturing hearts across the internet with his big ol’ smile.

7. But he also enjoys spending time with his favorite pandas.

Stuffed pandas that his owner, Risa, bought for him in China. They have been with him ever since he was a pup.

8. “He destroys every stuffed animal except this one. He loves sleeping and cuddling with his panda.”

9. “Maru is a sweet, laid back, and loving dog. He loves head and face scratches,” says owner Risa.

10. “What I love the most is his smile! He always smiles and seems so happy for no reason, like a little child.”

11. “He often rolls over and spreads his feet in the air, as if to say ‘Pet me!’”

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