Swet Shop Boys Share “Thas My Girl,” An Energetic Ode To Being Cuffed

Swet Shop Boys, the Transatlantic hip-hop trio of Heems, Riz MC, and Redinho, have shared “Thas My Girl.” It’s a sweet and danceable love letter featuring each rapper trading braggy bars about how fire their girls are. And perhaps for the first time ever, Riz is keeping up with Heems, who’s usually the funnier rapper of the two. “She’s a unicorn, bruv / You know it’s real when you stop watching Pornhub,” Riz raps over Redinho’s laser-tagging bash of a beat.

“Thas My Girl” is the first online sampling of Sufi La, the group’s Record Store Day exclusive vinyl EP which will have an expanded release on May 16.

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