Supernatural’s Dean & Sam Need Castiel Now More Than Ever Before

Not only did Thursday’s episode focus heavily on Castiel’s past and when he belonged to a group of angels who followed heaven’s rules to a tee (like killing a fellow angel and a child), but it also showed exactly why Sam and Dean need Cas on their side.

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During last week’s episode, Castiel killed reaper Billie after learning that either Sam or Dean would die after they made a deal with her to escape the arms of the government. Rather than allowing Billie to take Sam, Dean or even Mary away from him, he drove an angel blade straight through her.

Billie told Sam and Dean that if they broke their deal there would be “cosmic consequences.” Whatever she meant by that remains unclear, but it can’t be good. Dean is extremely worried that something terrible is coming for them and/or the world.

They never can seem to catch a break, no matter if they’re just trying to do good, like Cas coming to the rescue. As Dean said, all of this will end up “biting us in the ass.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Something bad is on the horizon for the Winchesters, but here’s hoping Cas can somehow use his expertise to save the day.

If that isn’t bad enough, they also have to worry about Lucifer’s baby being carried by the president’s former aid, Kelly (Courtney Ford), who is also currently nowhere to be found. This baby is known in the angel community as a “nephilim.” Cas told Sam and dean that an “ordinary nephilim” is extremely dangerous, but one that is half Lucifer? That power is unimaginable.

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Can you imagine a mini-Lucifer walking around? Yeah, that certainly doesn’t sound good. Now whether or not Castiel will take matters into his own hands like he did in the past with the former angels he served with by killing this child, who knows.

Castiel isn’t your typical angel, but one who acts more human than not. He has emotions and knows right from wrong. Add a child into the mix of a dangerous situation, Cas might not be able to handle it like past Castiel would have.

Whatever happens with both those “cosmic consequences” and Lucifer’s baby, Sam and Dean really need Cas more than ever. His knowledge and power will most likely come in handy. Let’s just hope nothing bad happens to Cas in the process, because someone always seems to fall during a Supernatural battle.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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