StorURL: cross-browser bookmarks manager for Windows

StorURL is a cross-browser bookmarks manager for Microsoft Windows devices that supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Bookmarks are quite the useful thing in the browser world, considering that they allow you to keep a record of sites in the browser.

You may place bookmarks on the bookmarks toolbar, on the New Tab Page if the browser supports adding favorites there, or the bookmarks folder.

You can sync bookmarks easily between versions of the same browser, and also import bookmarks from another browser at any time. But there is little that browsers offer besides that; so, bookmark syncing between browsers or management is not really supported by any of them


storurl bookmarks manager

StorURL is a free program for Windows that you may use to manage bookmarks from the four web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the Opera browser.

You can import bookmarks from these supported browsers. The process is straightforward, and should not take long. It does depend on the number of bookmarks though.

Bookmarks and folders that you import are listed in the program’s interface as folders afterwards. Each imported set of data is stored in its own folder, and you may select any of those to display the bookmarks they contain. Bookmarks are listed with their name, URL, status, category, and if available description.

You can edit any entry with a click on the edit button. Editing lets you change the site url, name and description, and add credentials to StorURLS database. It is recommended that you set a database password if you add credentials to the program. The option to auto fill the site name is also provided.

You may also use the program to verify any of the bookmarks. Verification can be run on individual bookmarks, but also on entire categories. While the program does not come close to the functionality that AM-Deadlink offered before it was discontinued, it is sufficient to find out whether the linked resource is still online.

You may open any bookmark in the default browser, and may add custom browsers to the program as well which you can then select when you want to load bookmarks.

As far as other functionality is concerned; you can drag and drop bookmarks between categories, or use copy and paste for that instead.

StorURL supports an all bookmarks listing which lists all bookmarks that you have added to the program in a single list. Bookmarks can also be starred for easier access from within the program.

While you can import bookmarks from various browsers, it is unfortunately not possible to export bookmarks to one of the browser’s again.

Tip: There is also an online version of the service available.


StorURL is a handy program for Windows users who want a management program for all their bookmarking needs. It is mostly useful for users who use at least two of the supported browsers, or if the one browser that is used does not support extensions that can verify bookmarks.

The major downside is that you cannot import the verified or edited bookmarks to one of the browser’s again.

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