Seramic's Video for “I Got You” Will Make You Feel Crap About Your Swimming Skills

It’s amazing that some humans can be more graceful and more expertly choreographed in water. We’re fully aware that synchronized swimming is a well respected sport, but goddamn, who ever has the chance to watch it really? And holy cow, after pressing playing and seeing this video for Seramic’s “I Got You,” for sure you’ll want to watch it more. What’s especially cool is the way the improbably named co-director Yagaboo flips the image upside down so that the swimmers look like they’re walking on water. 

FYI, Seramic, the artist, was the other co-director and he had this to say about it: “I guess I have always been interested in sports, and have always incorporated sports objects into my sculpture practice. There is something about the colors, teams, and the movement that I am particularly drawn to within these organized boundaries and spaces. I am energized by highlighting particular elements of sports practices and transforming what appears to be familiar and often overlooked into something more poetic and unknown.” 

But what’s the deal with Seramic? As evidenced by this premiere below, the British singer—born Marcus Foster—embraces of squelchy funkadelic kind of pop with a pinch of soul and a dollop of R&B. Lyrically the song is about “always having someone’s back even if you part ways. It’s about being kind even if you lose someone.” Which is a very kind and lovely sentiment, which we fully endorse. In fact just being kind and polite to one another while the world goes apocalyptically to shit is one thing we can do every day. Go on, try it. 

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