RITA Reader Challenge – Reader Survey!

I promise, this is the last RITA Reader Challenge post we’ll do until next year!

But first, a mega huge thank you to all of the reviewers and readers who participated and interacted with the challenge. It’s truly a testament to this wonderful community and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Leslie Knope telling Ann Perkins that she's a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox. From the show Parks and Recreation

For readers, we have a brief survey regarding what you thought of the challenge this year. Reviewers will be getting a separate survey via newsletter! Our aim is to improve the process for everyone involved along the way and we can’t do that without your help!

The form is embedded in the post, but if it’s not working for you, here is a browser-version. It should take no more than a few minutes to fill out.

Let’s bring it in for a group hug or high five (whatever you’re comfortable with) and I can’t wait to kickstart the 2018 RITA Reader Challenge next year!

And, if you’d like to sign up for the RITA Reader Challenge newsletter and receive advance notice of sign-ups, join the mailing list!

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