Resilio Sync 2.5: One-time send, and other improvements

Resilio Sync 2.5 is the latest version of the P2P file transfer and synchronization service that was formerly known as BitTorrent Sync.

BitTorrent Sync was released in 2013, a Pro version was released in 2014, and the switch to Resilio happened in 2016. The company released Sync 2.4 in September 2016, and now Sync 2.5 in May 2017.

Resilio Sync is available as a free, limited version, as a Pro version for Home use, and as business versions for small businesses and Enterprises.

Some features that landed in Resilio Sync 2.5 are only available in commercial versions of the sync application. Some are however also available in the free version. Lets take a closer look at the changes.

Resilio Sync 2.5

resilio sync 2.5

One new handy feature is the new folder sync status indicator that is displayed as an icon next to each folder in the program’s main listing.

It allows you to check the status of a folder on first glance: a green checkmark for instance indicates that the folder is synced, a gray “people” icon that the folder is not shared with anyone, and a network icon that no other peers are available.

Another change is also highlighted there. Resilio Sync 2.5 highlights locked files in folders with a yellow exclamation mark icon. the new sync version makes it easy to list the locked files, and to tell Sync to ignore those for the time being.

sync 2.5 locked files

The program’s history has been improved as well. The history highlights activity, for instance when you add new folders or files to Sync, when files are synced, or when errors happen.

The new history is significantly improved. First, you may filter by event — for instance by error or warning — sort the listing, or use the built-in search to check up on individual files or other data.

resilio sync 2.5 history

Another new feature, only available in commercial versions, is one time send. This enables you to share individual files without sharing a whole folder or creating permanent sync connections.

To use it, you may right-click on a file and select the “share with Resilio Sync” option. The feature can be quite handy if you want to transfer individual files to another user or customer as you can do so directly now.

Last but not least, Resilio notes that it has “enhanced the byte-level diff detection algorithm” and added “file-level deduplication capabilities” to make Sync more efficient.

The company released the new product Sync Business Accelerator along with Sync 2.5 designed to scale “global businesses over poor or distant Internet connections”.

WAN Acceleration – Sync Business Accelerator uses a WAN optimized protocol to overcome network loss and latency, moving large files at high speeds over any network, good or bad. We’ve designed the Business Accelerator to transfer at speeds that are 100s of times faster than legacy transfer tools like ftp, http, and rsync.

One Time Send can be combined with Business Accelerator to improve performance, for instance when sending large log files and memory dumps, media assets and other large project files and data.

Sync Home is still available for free. Resilio runs a promo currently that gets you 50% off the one-time purchase price of Sync Home Pro. Use coupon 50OFFSYNC for that.


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Resilio Sync 2.5: One-time send, and other improvements


Resilio Sync 2.5 is the latest version of the P2P file transfer and synchronization service that was formerly known as BitTorrent Sync.


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