RadioMaximus: play and record Internet Radio

RadioMaximus is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices that you may use to play and record Internet Radio.

The program is available as a free, limited version and a pro version. The free version supports all the basic features that you would like to see in an Internet Radio application: you can browse and search radio stations, play them, and record stations on top of that.

The free version is provided as a 32-bit and 64-bit program for Microsoft Windows. While it comes with an installer, it can be extracted to a location for use as a portable application if that is desired.

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The interface of RadioMaximus is divided into three panes: the main toolbar at the top, the left sidebar that lists various program features and options, and the main pane that lists the actual radio stations.

You can run searches for stations or use the browse option instead on first start. Stations may be added to the favorites for easier access, so that you may use the option to access stations faster on future uses of the program.

The search finds stations based on genre but also name. One feature that is not supported is the ability to search for specific songs that you are interested in. A program like streamWriter handles this better, as it returns radio stations that play specific songs when you use the search (provided the radio stations supports this).

The browser supports browsing stations by countries, genres, new stations, and popular stations. You may add stream URLs to the program as well using the new station option in the toolbar. This is useful if one of your favorite stations is not supported by the application.

A click on a station starts playback right away. RadioMaximus displays artist and song names, quality information and a cover if supported by the station.

One interesting feature of the program is that it may play multiple stations at the same time. To be precise, only one station is played actively, but you can switch between different stations that are playing to play these without any delay.

RadioMaximus highlights new songs that get played in each of these stations making it a useful feature to switch between stations to avoid songs you are not interested in, and play songs that you like.

You can record any station that plays right away with a click on the record button. Options include splitting or not-splitting songs into individual tracks, recording the current song only, or to time recordings.

Recordings can be scheduled as well. This is useful for instance to record your favorite radio shows, or record multiple radio stations at once regularly using the application.

schedule internet radio recording

The scheduling options are quite extensive. You may set start days and times, the desired duration, end actions, and more using the configuration menu.

RadioMaximus supports keyboard shortcuts for most operations. You can hit Ctrl-R to start a recording for instance or switch between streams using the F2 (next) and F3 (previous) keys on the keyboard.


RadioMaximus is a user friendly Internet Radio program for Windows that you can use to play and record radio. The feature that I like the most is the ability to tune into multiple streams at once to switch between them without lag.

Search and recording options are somewhat limited when compared to top of the class recorders such as streamWriter, but they should be sufficient for most users.

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