Opera adding Ads to the New Tab Page

If you use a recent version of the Opera web browser on your computer, you may have noticed ads on the browser’s new tab page.

It is not uncommon for companies to populate the New Tab Page with links to internal and external services and sites, as the page would be empty otherwise.

Some companies display ads on these pages as well, and while this may be disliked by some users, I don’t think it is such a big issue provided that no tracking happens when the page opens.

The most recent version of Opera seems to go a step further than that though, as an ad appeared on the New Tab Page after the browser was used for a short period of time.

The three ad links to Idealo, Check24 and Bon Prix were there on start, while the Booking.com link was not. It appeared after a short period of time on the New Tab Page.

opera ads new tab page

If you click on the link, you are taken to an address that marks it as advertisement clearly (as it uses an Opera label)


Again, I’m not saying that this is inherently bad or anything. What is however is that there is no option to block this from happening in the future.

The only two options that you have at your disposal right now are the following ones:

  1. Install a New Tab Page extension in Opera that replaces the browser’s default New Tab Page with a custom one.
  2. Remove the advertisement on Speed Dial, and add as many custom sites as you have space there to the browser.

Option 1: Install a New Tab Page Extension

custom new tab page

Opera Software maintains its own add-ons store, but the browser’s extension system is also compatible with the majority of Chrome extensions.

I suggest you try the new tab page extensions on the official Store first, as they may work better.

Here is a short selection of options:

  1. Custom New Tab Page enables you to set the new tab page URL to anything, for instance about:blank, or your favorite website.
  2. New Tab Start Page Pro lets you do the same thing, but it comes with additional options that you may find useful.

Fill the Speed Dial Page with custom links

opera filled speed dial

The second option that you have is to pin enough sites to the New Tab Page of the browser to block any ad from showing up on it.

While there is still a chance of that happening, it would mean that Opera would move one of the pinned items out of the way for that to happen. It seems unlikely that the company will do that.

Also, note that the Speed Dial page is not really limited. You need to add as many sites and services as there is space, but you will notice that Opera adds a scrollbar to the page to make room for more sites.

You can remove any item on the Speed Dial page by hovering the mouse over it, and clicking on the “move to trash” icon that appears in the right corner then.

Do that for all ads, and start adding custom pages you like to the Speed Dial listing afterwards.

How you do that? The easiest option is to either drag and drop existing bookmarks to the Speed Dial page, or to visit sites you like, bookmark them, and make sure the bookmark location is the Speed Dial page.

Now You: Do you customize your browser’s New Tab Page?


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Opera adding Ads to the New Tab Page


If you use a recent version of the Opera web browser on your computer, you may have noticed ads on the browser’s new tab page.


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