Never Sing the Wrong Words Again: How to See Apple Music Lyrics

“Here we are now, in containers,” from “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. “Don’t go Jason waterfalls,” from “Waterfalls” by TLC. “See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen,” from “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. “Hold me closer, Tony Danza,” from “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. “All the lonely Starbucks lovers,” from “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. These are just a few examples of mondegreens in music. A mondegreen is a misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase caused by a mishearing usually of the lyrics of a song. (The term itself, by the way, is derived from a misinterpretation of the phrase “laid him on the green” from the traditional ballad “The Bonny Earl of Murray” as “Lady Mondegreen.”) You’ve probably been there and done that. But unless you deliberately want to be funny or embarrass yourself, you probably want to avoid being there and doing that any further, singing along to a song with a wrong lyric or two. Of course, you can always Google the lyrics of a song and be taken to a webpage showing them. But if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and you have access to Apple Music either through a free trial or via a subscription, you can more quickly and easily check out the lyrics of the song you’re listening to on Apple’s popular music streaming service. Read on to find out how you can view Apple Music lyrics without the hassle.

Apple Music lyrics in the Music app

If you’re listening on a device that’s running on iOS 10 or later, you can view Apple Music lyrics (if available) for the currently playing song right within the Music app. And you can do just that in a couple of ways.

Seeing and singing

One way is by means of the “more” button in the Now Playing screen.

The other way involves a bit of scrolling on the Now Playing screen.

Not seeing Apple Music lyrics?

Apple Music lyrics are loaded from Apple’s servers upon request. Because of this, they cannot be viewed when your device is on airplane mode or otherwise not connected to the internet, even for songs that have been downloaded for offline listening. Moreover, lyrics with explicit words might not be displayed if explicit content is turned off in Restrictions.

In some instances, particularly where not so popular tracks are concerned, the Lyrics option is not at all shown simply because Apple Music lyrics are not available for the currently playing song. But don’t worry: You can still quickly and easily view Apple Music lyrics with a little help from the third-party app Musixmatch.

Apple Music lyrics via Musixmatch

Apple Music lyrics not available in the Music app? In that case, Musixmatch is your go-to lyrics platform.

Actually, Musixmatch is not only for those times when Apple Music fails to serve the lyrics to the song you’re currently listening to. Even when Apple Music lyrics are visible in the Music app, you’re free to use Musixmatch as an alternative lyrics provider.

Third-party yet first-rate

And what an excellent alternative it is. In addition to being up to task whether or not Apple Music lyrics are available in the Music app, Musixmatch offers the following advantages over Apple’s native solution:

  • It can show lyrics even on devices running iOS 8 or iOS 9.
  • It displays synced lyrics, that is, the lyrics automatically scroll in time with the music to highlight the current line.
  • It features translations of the lyrics of some songs, which can be useful when you’re listening to a foreign-language song or if you want to know how a line translates to another language.

And the best part? You don’t have to spend a dime to view Apple Music lyrics via Musixmatch, since it’s a free app.

Get the lyrics party started

Of course, to be able to access Apple Music lyrics courtesy of Musixmatch on your iOS device, you first have to install the Musixmatch app.

To view Apple Music lyrics with Musixmatch, you’re not required to sign up for or sign in with your Musixmatch account. However, you’re required to grant Musixmatch access to Apple Music. You can do so by tapping OK when you see the prompt to allow Musixmatch to have that level of access the first time you launch the app.

If you missed that prompt or if access has been revoked, there are several steps you can take to connect Apple Music to Musixmatch.

Thereafter, whenever you’re listening to a song on Apple Music, you can just open the Musixmatch app and tap the mini player at the bottom to sing along to the song with Musixmatch’s synced lyrics.

No need to open the app

Actually, you don’t even need to open the Musixmatch app to view synced Apple Music lyrics. You can more quickly and easily access them through Musixmatch’s Today widget in the Notification Center. But first, you need to enable Musixmatch’s Today widget.

From then on, whenever a song is playing on Apple Music, you can just pull down the Notification Center and check out Musixmatch’s Today widget, which should automatically show the lyrics in sync with the song. You can tap Show More to display more lines, and you can tap the widget to open the Musixmatch app and view the lyrics therein.

And that’s how you can quickly and easily view Apple Music lyrics on your iOS device, either in the Music app itself or through the superb lyrics service that is Musixmatch. No more mondegreens? Now that should be music to your ears — and others’.

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