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Series Organizer is a free portable software program for Microsoft Windows devices to manage, look up and keep track of TV shows.

Keeping track of TV shows that you are interested in, own, or have access to can be quite the daunting task depending on how much of a TV show fan you really are.

You may find the free program Series Organizer useful if you like to keep your TV shows in digital format on your computer running Windows as it was designed for that task.

The program uses an interface that is a bit difficult to work with, but it offers quite a good set of features that makes up for that.

Series Organizer

series organizer

You can run the program from any location on your device as it does not have to be installed. The program comes without any database entries; the first thing you may want to do therefore is to add shows to the program.

This can be done using the Add Series button, or by adding TV Show RSS feeds to it instead.

Add queries an Internet database for the term you enter, and displays matching shows to you after a quick scan. You may add one of these shows to the database.

Shows are listed with a lot of information. The left pane of the application interface lists all shows that you have added. It highlights the next episode for active shows, and the next show that you need to watch. This can be the same show but does not have to be. The “watch” tracker starts with season 1 episode 1 all the time, but it is possible to mark episodes or seasons as watched to take that into account.

While you can keep track of shows that you watch on TV or online, you may also link TV shows that are on your local system to a show in the program’s database.

This is a manual process however, and the link only points to the directory so that you can open it faster. It won’t keep track of what you watch.

The whole process of adding shows and links to local media files could be improved, for instance by implementing a feature to scan a root directory locally for shows to add those to the database automatically.

The right pane of the application lists information about the selected show. This includes among other things information on actors, a story overview, rating, network, first air date and more.

There you find some extra options that you may find useful. You get a direct link to IMDB, may search for subtitles on several subtitle search engines, open the local media folder if you have set it up, or make use of two custom links that you may add on top of that.

Shows may be filtered in the interface. It is possible to mark shows as archived, and use filtering options to only show archived shows, or shows that you want to watch or are watching. A search is provided as well, but it is probably only useful if you have added a lot of shows to the program.

Another handy feature is the discover functionality. A click on it displays shows that air on that day, and popular shows. These shows can be added to the program’s database directly, and you may watch trailers as well with a click on the link. These trailers are played directly in the application.

Discover links to an advanced search option for shows. You may use the interface to sort by genre, year, or rating. While those are powerful search options, I’d like to see an option to sort by viewer age as well.

Search unfortunately seems to focus mostly on US American TV.

Closing Words

Series Organizer is a powerful program for Windows to manage TV shows. The interface is a bit clunky here and there, but the program’s functionality makes up for that in my opinion.

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