M.I.A. Just Registered To Vote In The U.K.

M.I.A. has registered to vote, according to a tweet from the singer. She tweeted in all caps: “I REGISTERED TO VOTE TODAY. IVE NEVER VOTED B4 IN MY LIFE, NEVER BELIEVED IN POLITICX BUT 2017 doin it for the first and only time.”

With the U.K. general election less than a month away, celebrities and politicians have been urging the public to register to vote. Just last week, leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn met with grime-MC JME to encourage young people to register and vote. This goes along with a new political campaign called “Grime4Corbyn” that aims to connect Corbyn with young voters through the grime scene. Apparently, the campaign is also offering young people the chance to win tickets to a secret party that will be held one week before the election on June 8.

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