Lil Wayne Wrote This Review of “Snap Ya Fangas” Himself: “This a Cool Song”

Day 248: “Snap Ya Fangas” – T-Pain and Lil Wayne, T-Wayne, 2017

“Shawty, lady, what it Mountain Dew?” Have more immortal words ever been sung?

I’ve spent the last few days dissecting T-Wayne, an album that I will love and cherish forever due to my personal connection to it. But at the end of the day, there is no real reason to dissect T-Wayne. To quote Lil Wayne himself, “this a cool song.” So enjoy it. It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and it’s time to frickin’ BBQ and jam to the perfect party record, which just so happens to be T-Wayne, the album. Everybody lean and rock. Snap ya fangas. Etc.

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