Leven Kali’s Sensual Slow Jam Will Leave You In A Trance

Leven Kali is a Santa Monica singer, songwriter, and producer who recently featured on Playboi Carti’s eponymous debut tape and is credited as a contributor on Drake’s More Life. On his new song “Yours,” he proclaims his admiration and loyalty to a mystery woman. “You say that you love me more/ I think you know what’s good/ I’m here, I’m yours,” he sings in a deep and raspy timbre. Two minutes into the sultry song, Kali takes on the rapping role: “I ain’t got no plans/ Got no shit today/ We can take our time, babe.” The synths undulate and introduce a darker and mysterious bass line that complements his nonchalant, sing-songy flow.

“‘Yours’ is a jam I made last week when the weather was kinda shitty in L.A. June gloom,” Leven Kali told The FADER over email. “I just stayed in at the crib and cooked up. The homie ISM came through and sprinkled some sauce on it too.”

Listen to “Yours” below.

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