Learn the essentials of web development for just $49

Web development has never been a more important skill to have in the business world and will likely only get more important as time goes on. Freelance web development gigs are all over the place and having your own website, especially one that you made yourself, is invaluable for self promotion. It’s also important to learn the structure of a good website so that you can deconstruct existing sites and see what makes them good or bad.

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Web development courses abound, but they can be incredibly expensive, especially given supply and demand. They can also take up valuable time, and if you already have a full-time job, you can’t necessarily be spending all day in class or taking electives you don’t care about. You need career-focused courses that get the job done and give you the knowledge you need to get started and succeed.

That’s where the Essential Web Development Training Bundle comes in. You’ll a full year of access to three essential courses: HTML Essentials, CSS Essentials, and JavaScript Essentials, for only $49. This course bundle retails for $2,385, but with iMore Digital Offers, you save 97%.

These three courses are for people of all skill levels, whether you’re just getting started in web development or you’ve been building sites for some time, but want to brush up on and add to your skillset. You’ll be taught by experts, through multimedia presentations, mock exams, quizzes, and more. You’ll also be able to interact and collaborate with other students, as well as Vision Training Systems staff in order to form study groups.

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If you’ve ever considered a career in web development, check out the Essential Web Development Training Bundle and get started now — there’s no better time. Best of all, save 97% with iMore Digital Offers.

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