Latest Version of Quik Creates Movies From Your GoPro Footage For You

In this version, the developers at GoPro have added a feature that I’m sure many users have been begging for. The app will now create videos for you, based on the footage stored on your GoPro Hero 5

Of course, you have to have your Hero 5 linked up with your iPhone for this feature to work. Once you do, though, the app automatically downloads your video content and then scans it. When it finds video files that seem to go together, it stitches them into Flashbacks, automatically generated movies you can edit, save, or share.

Of course, Quik is able to set a musical background to your videos. That was one of the key ideas of the original app, and it’s still around in the latest version. You can also add in photos from your iPhone’s Photo Library, along with beautiful transitions and effects.

The app analyzes your selected soundtrack, and then synchronizes everything to the beat of the music. You can also add text, and then share the video easily with friends and family.

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