Here’s What You Should Know Before Using Pore Strips

Let’s quickly go over how pore strips work. “The strip is usually a woven material with an adhesive or polymer on one side, that sticks to your nose when wet,” Nagler told BuzzFeed Health. Then you leave it on until it dries (usually for 10 or 15 minutes), and when you pull it off anything stuck to the strip comes off too — that’s the really satisfying part.

“The strips pull off anything on the surface of your nose, which includes oil that’s been oxidized and turns black (blackheads), dead skin, dirt, and hair — but they only remove a very superficial layer,” says Nagler. Sometimes they might only remove the top or half of blackheads.

Since the strip only sticks to the surface of your nose, it misses all the debris and oil hiding deep inside your pores that can build up and lead to pimples or blackheads, Nagler explains. So while they may leave your skin looking and feeling super clean, they don’t provide a real deep cleansing.

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