Here’s what a cassette tape rig could look like

With cassette labels making a comeback, there’s the question – how do you play the things? And the answers have gotten more creative than ever, with liberal use of effects, DIY tape loops, hacked hardware, and other techniques.

Hainbach Post, who I featured in our tape music round-up earlier this week, wrote with more details of his rig. Have a look:taperig

Mixer/control: Koma Elektronik Field Kit

Player 1: Siemens portable cassette player, modded by Dutch music hacker/builder Gijs Gieskes. (Here’s another tape mod idea from him!)

Player 2: (umodded) Marantz PMD 222.

Recording: Fostex X-28 four track

Effects: Strymon Timeline effects pedal

Gotharman FX Deformer granular effects unit

Nice! Plenty of possibilities here – many exceeding what people normally do with digital and vinyl DJ rigs, too. Keep the music and techniques coming.

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