Here’s How I Actually Became A Morning Workout Person

Guys, I really wanted to end this month by saying that my body was just too nocturnal to ever get used to a morning workout routine and anyone who tried to tell me otherwise was WRONG. But exercising in the morning all month was actually better in almost every way:


* It finally made working out part of my routine, and that felt great. I actually enjoyed my short walk to and from the gym in the mornings, and getting something done before I got to the office changed the whole vibe of my day.

* After getting over the adjustment, I did feel more energized on the days I worked out.

* I was less hungry at night (probably because I wasn’t expending most of my energy at night). And although I was definitely hungrier during the day, upping my protein intake helped with that.

* I loved having my nights to myself and never feeling like I was giving up on work or social life to squeeze in a workout.

* It actually improved my sleep patterns.

* I logged significantly more days and more hours at the gym than I had in months, and as a result, I feel healthier, fitter, and stronger than I did a month ago.


* It required me to leave my bed earlier than I would like. That said, leaving my bed at 8 a.m. is EARLIER THAN I WOULD LIKE.

* Walking outside before 7 a.m. was hell for my allergies, since pollen blooms in the early morning. But remembering to take my allergy medicine as soon as I woke up helped with that.

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