Here are the best new iPhone games out and on sale now!

Here’s what’s new in iOS gaming this week!

Every Thursday I go on a quest to find all the notable new games released on the App Store release over the week, but instead of taking all the gold and experience for myself, I pass my knowledge onto you! Whether you’re looking for new games, games on-sale, or wondering if your favorite game got a big update, I’ll break down all the notable iOS gaming news for you!

New games of the week

Need something new and shiny? Every week tons of games hit the App Store, and I keep track so you don’t have to; here are the notable releases for this week.

Fire Emblem: Heroes

Nintendo’s newest mobile game is bringing the wonderful strategy-RPG Fire Emblem to the small screen. You play as the summoner who summons heroes from the past Fire Emblem games to fight their way through a variety of missions. Upgrade the heroes you have collected to make them stronger, and unlock new characters along the way and assemble the ultimate dream team of Fire Emblem superstars!

Free with IAP – Download Now (Download link will be placed here when the game goes live, check back soon!)

Downgeon Quest

A rogue-like dungeon crawling experience awaits. You’ll play as Dumholf as he travels through a dungeon collecting recipes and artifacts to increase his power all while dispatching enemies and keeping your trusty lantern lit. Find new characters and rare items to go even further into the dungeon, and upgrade your abilities to help you in battle!

$0.99 – Download Now

Warlock’s Tower

Journey through the magical Warlock’s tower to reach the top, but be careful, every step you take steals one of your many lives. Solve the puzzle in each room by collecting the magic healing gems in the right order to make it to the top of the tower! Across five different worlds, you’ll need to find cleverly hidden keys, dodge creepy monsters, and avoid dangerous traps to make it out alive. The old-school Game Boy-style graphics on this new puzzle game will certainly hit you with a serious dose of nostalgia.

$3.99 – Download Now

The Frostrune

A point-and-click adventure that is based on Norse mythology. Shipwrecked on an island, you’ll need to unravel a mystery of what happened to the people that used to live there. Make your way through this chilling tale filled with creepy forests, abandoned villages, and ancient runes as you find hidden treasures and uncover the secrets of the mysterious island.

All the art in The Frostrune is hand-painted and looks incredibly gorgeous. Plus, the Norwegian developers took the time to carefully study Norse myth and folklore to bring as much historical accuracy as they possibly could to the game.

$4.99 – Download Now

Papery Planes

Papery Planes is a minimalist endless runner — or should I say flyer. See how far your paper planes can go as you guide it through and around obstacles to collect points and get the highest score possible.

This simple game uses a charming polygon filled landscape with a lovely classical music inspired soundtrack to create a relaxing atmosphere; a great pick-up-and-play game.

Free – Download Now

Games on sale this week

Good things come to those who wait! Every week games go on sale, and you can take advantage of great savings. Here are the notable sales of this week.

Steam World Heist

The turn-based strategy game is perfect for any steampunk fans as you command a steam-driven pirate crew through a series of shootouts. Aim your robots guns to hit the enemies by bouncing them off the walls in true gun-fu style. Upgrade your recruits as you loot and fire your way through enemy ships that are never the same each time you play.

$4.99 – Download Now

Quell Zen +

With over 150 challenges, this relaxing puzzle game has you guiding raindrops through a plethora of beautiful and perplexing mazes. The story of a Japanese family divided, accompanied by orchestral music, delivers an excellent experience in this beautiful yet simple game.

$0.99 – Download Now

Parallyzed: Surreal Platform Runner

The name says it all. You play as two sisters, Red and Blue, as they enter a dreamworld concocted in Red’s mind when she enters a coma. The sisters can switch bodies at any time, and you’ll need to guide them through the spooky and surreal landscape back to the waking life. This delightfully dark platformer is sure to surprise.

$0.99 – Download Now

Updates of the week

Games are constantly being updated with new features, bug fixes, and gameplay tweaks. Here are the notable updates for this week.

Super Mario Run: Updated to version 1.1.0, Nintendo has added and an Easy Mode, which gives unlimited Bubbles and removes the time limit. Perfect for beginners. You’ll also lose fewer Toads when you lose in Toad Rally mode, and it’s a little easier to gather more toad spectators, so you should be able to unlock all those unlockable characters!

For a full list of updates to Super Mario Run visit the visit the App Store

Splitter Critters: Updated to version 1.1.3, you can now use 3D touch to speed up the action in the game and tap on critters to make them walk faster. A few new levels were added to the game, and the promise of more to come!

For a full list of updates to Splitter Critters visit the visit the App Store

Fallout Shelter: Updated to version 1.10, you can now choose one of your vault dwellers to be a spy and they may just uncover a secret plot against your vault! Plus, in honor of Valentine’s Day your vault dwellers can now find that special someone.

For a full list of updates to Fallout Shelter visit the visit the App Store

Luke’s game of the week.

There are so many games in the App Store, and I’m on a quest to play them all, which means I’m always playing a different game each week. Whether it’s brand new or a classic game I’ll let you know what has my attention!

Red’s Kingdom

$1.99 – Download Now

Red’s Kingdom is a perfectly crafted adventure puzzle game that has a lot of depth. The goofy but heartwarming story with its colorful characters is bound to grab your attention, and the incredibly fun gameplay never seems to go stale as the game layers in plenty of elements to surprise you at every turn.

The key to any great puzzle game is finding the right balance between challenge level and fun level. The game has to be difficult enough to warrant using some brain power, but still “easy” enough to keep a player from feeling hopeless; Red’s Kingdom strikes the perfect balance.The game keeps you guessing on where to go next and forces you to explore the each room more thoroughly.

I can’t recommend Red’s Kingdom enough!

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Other games you saw this week?

Did I miss anything? Anything you’re particularly excited about this week? Let me know in the comments!

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