HaBO: Regency Romance with Ballerina Heroine

This HaBO request comes from Kelli. It’s a historical she read back in high school:

I have been struggling to remember the name of this book for quite some time. I read the book when I was in high school, so it is at least 25 years old and is probably older. I believe I picked it up secondhand.

It was a Regency romance where the heroine is a ballerina. Her mother has recently died and she doesn’t have much money. I think her mother was English and her father French and that the beginning of the book, at least, takes place in France.

The manager of the ballet asks her to join an after party where she is attacked by a man. She calls for help and an Englishman walks by. He ignores her until she calls out in English. Then he saves her and takes her back to his house. He decides to be her “protector,” but I don’t think they have sex. She is very childish and is supposed to stay away from his guests. Then, one day, a man who she identifies as her uncle visits the hero. When she sees her uncle, she runs up to him. It turns out she’s from a prominent English family, so the hero marries her. I think her uncle wasn’t actually a relative but an honorary uncle. I don’t remember anything else about the book.

Also, I hope the hero redeems himself for not immediately helping the heroine!

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