HaBO: Heroine’s Father is Head of Assassin Organization

This HaBO is from Chloé, who wants to find the name of a particular series she read recently. Also, potential spoilers for the series ahead:

Next, this HABO is dumb, because I literally just read these books a few months ago as a salve after the election, and they obviously didn’t stay with me because I can’t remember the name, but I know a new one is coming out in 2017 and I have to finish!

So this is a 3-4 book series. The woman is a virgin (very big deal is made of this), and one day an assassin ties her up in her apartment. They eventually fall in love. He thinks she has some information because of her dead mother. The book ends with him leaving her in Japan, and her finding out that the head of an organization of assassins is her biological father. The group of assassins might be called the Lions? They have scarification tattoos and are from South Africa? In the next book, the girl has a boyfriend who turns out to be undercover CIA and his parents were killed by the Lions? Oh, and she’s STILL a virgin throughout all the books.

I feel silly because this is a recent series but my Google-fu is failing me.

It’s contemporary, but I would say not suspense, but almost humorous? At least that’s how I read it — I hope the author intended it that way. In the third[?] book, she and the hero are about to do the deed when the house is bombed, they keep getting cockblocked, etc.

This sounds all sorts of insane and I want it immediately!

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