HaBO: Hero is an Aspiring Botanist

This HaBO is from Anna, who lost this romance in the Great Book Purge:

I’m hoping that someone can help me find this book that I purged from my shelves and instantly regretted. I think it’s a Zebra or Signet book or something of that ilk, but I haven’t been able to find it online. It’s at least 5-10 years old, maybe/probably much older? I’m pretty sure it’s not R-rated.

What I remember of this Regency era novel is that the hero of the book isn’t thought of very highly by his aristocratic family, I think because he’s trying to make something of his life by being a botanist, but it’s not going very well. The hero and heroine try to solve some kind of mystery, or deal with her family or something like that? He’s generally bummed that his experiment isn’t working out and maybe his family is right, but what I remember most is that at the end of the book the hero and heroine are making out in his green house and when he looks from her to the plants he gets really excited that he finally sees shoots growing, so he’s now a winner both in love and science. Please tell me that this rings a bell with someone?

(And incidentally, I’m looking forward to any other books people come up with that might be this one, because botany heroes might a fun reading binge to go on.)

“A winner both in love and science.” My heart grew three sizes today.

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