HaBO: Director’s Assistant Plays Cribbage

This HaBO is from Jenna. It sounds like she’s looking for a contemporary romance, but I’m not 100% sure:

There’s this romance I read that I really want to read again about this famous playboy movie director and his assistant, I think her name was Megan.

They hate each other at first, but director guy can’t function without her – she’s his assistant, etc. She also sometimes helps with continuity in the movie they’re shooting. I think it’s set in Italy or France and the movie they’re making is in trouble financially or something.

What I remember more than the romance is the way this girl is superbly written, she came from poverty and she always works her ass off and is always saving money. They always bicker about how she’s so plain and low-maintenance and how he’s such a manwhore and is so wasteful with money. I remember that he first fell in love with her when he saw her with her hair down, because she always puts it up in a really tight ponytail.

I also remember that the house they’re renting to shoot the movie in belongs to this old guy who Megan is fond of and they always play cribbage. Anyway it’s a really great read and I hope someone out here has read it too.

Well this book sounds all sorts of fun!

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