Ghacks Deals: 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle (96% off)

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If you always wanted to get started programming your own computer or mobile games, but never knew how to start, the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle may be an excellent starting point for you. Also, it is handy for anyone else who likes to learn game programming in particular.

Nine game development courses are part of the bundle, and you get them all for 96% off the regular price. The following courses are included:

  • Master Unity Game Development: Ultimate Beginners Bootcamp — Learn Unity & C# by Creating a 3D Multi-Level Platformer Game
  • Unity Game Development: Build a First Person Shooter — Master Unity by Building Your Version of Doom or Call of Duty
  • MagicaVoxel for Non-Artists: Create Voxel Game Assets — Learn to Create Minecraft-Looking 3D Assets for Your Games with MagicaVoxel
  • Blender for Non-Artists: Create Low-Poly 3D Game Assets — Use Blender to Create Beautiful Low-Poly Game Assets & Import Them Into Unity
  • Master Video Game Making
  • Learn Python Programming by Making a Game
  • Learn to Code By Building 6 Games In The Unreal Engine
  • How To Make 2D iPhone Games Using Swift 3 and iOS 10
  • Unity Game Development Academy: Make 2D & 3D Games

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The courses are designed for users of all experience levels, and access is granted for life. Make sure you read the description and specs for additional information on the courses.

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