Firefox Focus v1.1 adds support for downloads, improves the persistent notification, and more [APK Download]

We first covered Firefox Focus when it was under development for Android, and it was publicly released last month. Focus is a simple web browser with privacy as the number one priority, with features like tracker blockers and a button to wipe all session data. Focus 1.1 was just released, which adds a few badly-needed features.


From left to right: Downloading a file, playing a video in full-screen, the new Focus notification

First off, you can now download files from within Firefox Focus. Yes, it somehow didn’t support downloads before. Another strange omission in the first release was full-screen video playback, which now works as you would expect. Lastly, the persistent notification now has a button to switch to the browser (if it’s open in the background). Tapping the notification itself clears the current browser session, just as before.

The update is pretty new, so if you don’t see it on the Play Store yet, you can download it from APKMirror. Let us know if you use Focus in the comments below.

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser
Firefox Focus: The privacy browser
Price: Free

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