Fantastical iMessage Stickers Arrive on iPhone, iPad

Fantastical iMessage stickers are now available on both iPhone and iPad. They arrive courtesy of Fantastical’s first iOS update for 2017.

Fantastical 2.8, which is available separately for iPhone and iPad, is the first Fantastical version to require iOS 10. This makes sense given the app’s new features.

Besides Fantastical iMessage stickers, the calendar app now includes haptic feedback on iPhone 7/7 Plus and improved support for Dynamic Type. It also includes rich notifications, allowing you to see more details about upcoming events and reminders.

Finally, in a move that could improve your device’s battery life, Fantastical no longer uses your location continuously. Fantastical only uses location when the app’s opened.

We’ve been big fans of Fantastical since it first arrived for iOS. We also enjoy the Mac version, which first launched in 2015.

Fantastical for iPhone ($4.99) and iPad ($9.99) are both available on the App Store.

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