Develop Better Daily Habits by Making Them Cycles

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June 8, 2017

We all know how hard it can be to develop healthier, better daily habits. Our lives are so busy that we forget to do what we promised ourselves we would stop. An app can help with that, if it’s made well enough to encourage us. Enter Cycles – Daily Habit Creator

Getting Started with Cycles

Cycles helps you build healther, better habits. When you first launch the app, Cycles will walk you through setting up your first habit. You can type in whatever you want to do on a regular basis throughout the day. You then set how many times a day you’ll do that, and which days. After that, you define when you wake up in the morning and you’re all set. Cycles will remind you throughout the day to do those things you’ve committed to.

Set better habits by getting fantastic encouragement from this app

Check When Your Cycles Will Come up Next

What’s really cool is how Cycles tells you when you will be prompted to do your habit next. If you’re curious when you’ll be prompted to drink a glass of water or stretch next, you can easily check that within Cycles. Just tap on the Cycle, and it will tell you how much longer you have. This could also be good if you’re trying to cut down on a habit, like smoking, since it will give you an idea when the next time you’ll be able to do that not-so-good thing next.

Completing a Cycle

Once you get the notification that it’s time to do one of your cycles, you just open the app. Tap on the cycle with the red dot beside it, and then you can choose to Complete, Snooze, or Dismiss that notification. It’s a great way to remember to do those things you need to throughout the day.

Delete a Cycle with Ease

When you’re ready to stop doing something regularly, you can easily delete that cycle. Just swipe left on the cycle, and you can remove it. It’s easy, and the app prompts you to make sure you really want to delete the habit.

Cycles is a great encouragement tool, if you follow its suggestions

When it comes to building healthier, better habits, Cycles is a great encouragement tool. Of course, you have to follow its advice and do those activities when it instructs you to. With this app, though, you’re a lot more likely to follow through on your resolutions.


Cycles - Daily habit creator

Cycles – Daily habit creator

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