Dave Matthews Band Respond to Charlottesville Terror Attack

A man drove a car into a group of people peacefully protesting against a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday. 32-year-old Heather Heyer died and 19 more people were injured in the terrorist attack. It was not condemned by the President. America’s paper of record failed to condemn the attack in print, and followed their omission up with an indefensible op-ed.

Dave Matthews Band, who were formed in Charlottesville, posted the following statement to their website early Sunday morning:

We are all disgusted by the acts of racist, hate-filled terrorism in our hometown this weekend. Like so many our hearts are broken. Our thoughts go out to the families and victims of these unbelievable acts. This is not the Charlottesville we know and love. This town has grown from its sometimes great but often difficult history and is marching toward an inclusive future. This murderous act and those who incited it are not what we aspire to be. We will work tirelessly, hand-in-hand with our community to help one another so we can all heal from this sickening display of horror. Hate speech disguised as free speech is cowardly and shameful. Such speech gives permission to the murderous crimes we witnessed today. There is nothing pure, acceptable, or philosophical about Nazism, or racism masked as heritage.

The multicultural tapestry that is America must come together, acknowledge our very difficult but remarkable history. We must move away from the racist and ignorant elements of our past toward an inclusive, kinder, more intelligent future.

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