Cover Snark: What’s Your Bone Song?

For us in the States, it’s a holiday weekend! If you’re in the Northeast though, it’s rainy and gross and you may be stuck inside. So here’s some Cover Snark. And even if you’re not stuck in less than pleasant weather, have some Cover Snark anyway!

Rimfire by William W. Johnstone. Two rugged cowboys with guns. The series name is Those Jensen Boys.

Sarah: It’s not a romance, and it probably says more about my 12-year-old-boy sense of humor than anything else, but the combination of That Title + That Series Title + Those Cover Models brings to mind…well, I’m sure you can figure it out.

Amanda: A rimfire is what happens when I eat too much Mexican food.

Just a Little Christmas by Janet Dailey. A cowboy stuck in a blizzard. He's holding an extremely tiny, fluffy puppy in his hands.



I’m pretty sure.

Carrie: I have no interest in the dude whatsoever but sure, I’ll take the dog.

Iz zo fluffffffyyyyy.

Sarah: That is one powerful small dog. I’m sort of in awe of it.

Bone Song by John Meaney. The title looks like it's on some sort of headstone and the background looks like the London skyline.

Amanda: What is “Pony” by Ginuwine, Alex.

Elyse: Just what my eleven-year-old sense of humor needed on a Monday

Sarah: I’ll take, “That Thong tha-thong-thong-thong” for 1000, please.

Friends With Multiple Benefits by Luke Young. A headless couple dressed in white. The woman is pregnant and wearing a white tube top, exposing her belly. The dude is behind her, reaching around and putting his mitts on her tummy.

Amanda: How many benefits are we talking here?

RHG: Dental?

Amanda: Babies aren’t cheap, so let’s hope.

Elyse: They couldn’t iron the shirt for the photo shoot?

Amanda: And judging by the fabric, it looks like he’s wearing basketball shorts.

Elyse: Classy.

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