Bruv, Listen to Skepta’s Legitimate Banger of a New Song, “Hypocrisy”

Skepta, known philosopher and crafter of grime bangers, released a new song on Sunday afternoon. “Hypocricy” was produced by Skepta himself and, holy shit, it’s so good. His flow is typically pointed and effortless, the beat is ominous, and just about every line is quotable. Here’s one from the chorus: “See, I had to realise slowly / That nobody actually knows me / Yeah man, I’ve got fifteen different iPhones / But I am so not phony.” Here’s another: Look at the labels dying / Nobody else is signing / We know the truth, they’re hiding / See the plaques on my wall just shining.” And then this, which is possibly the finest of all: “Don’t know about me? / Get connected / No, I don’t do that conscious rap, but man still know about Wretch and Kendrick / Top five niggas, don’t get offended / Murdered the beat, no, it ain’t attempted / I meant it.”

Skepta rules. Listen to “Hypocrisy” below.

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