Barack Obama Sends Love and Future Shows Up at Chance The Rapper’s Free Show

Chance The Rapper yesterday served as the Grand Marshall of the Bud Billiken Bash, Chicago’s annual back-to-school parade. To celebrate, he put on a free show at the city’s Auditorium Theatre in the evening, with Barack Obama sending congratulations via video, and Future turning up onstage for a performance of “Mask/Off.”

“I felt obliged to say congratulations to you for being the Grand Marshall of the Bud Billiken Parade,” Obama said, his face beamed out to the crowd from a big screen behind the stage. “I wanted to just have the chance to say to all of you that the Bud Billiken Parade stands for so much of what our community is about[…] We want to make sure our kids are safe, we want to make sure that they are ready to go back to school. We want to make sure that we are nurturing and protecting and encouraging and loving the next generation of leaders all throughout the city of Chicago. So Chance, I’m grateful for everything that you’ve done on behalf of the young people back home.”

“Chance, I am grateful for everything you’ve done,” the 44th President continued. “I am glad for the young people back home that you are representing the kind of young people that come out of Chicago and change the world, and I’m hopeful that everybody who’s at the concert today—that everybody who’s been getting involved, and everybody who’s part of the parade—all of you are in the mindset that you can do anything that you want to do, as long as you put your mind to it.”

Later in the set, Chance brought out Future for a brief set that included “Mask/Off.” It looked awesome even on shaky phone footage and is well worth watching below.

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