App News Rewind: ‘iPhone 8″ Touch ID Rumors Just Won’t Go Away

Sizzling summertime temperatures around the United States have a way of slowing things down in the technology world. In part because of this, the No. 1 Apple story remains the undetermined placement of Touch ID on the upcoming “iPhone 8.”

Where it stands. Just weeks before the handset’s apparent launch, it looks like Apple still hasn’t figured out how to successfully place an embedded fingerprint reader into the iPhone 8’s display. With no resolution forthcoming, we may not even see the handset announced until the final quarter of 2017.

One unconfirmed story this week suggested Apple’s prepping to reveal a second-generation iPhone SE in August, with its traditional iPhone launch event delayed until October.

A later report advises Apple might have no choice but to place a physical Touch ID button onto the back of the device.

With rumors also suggesting Apple’s having problems in the production of the so-called “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus,” it looks like things are dire as we head into August.

Are things really this bad? Apple’s once again the largest company in the world and it didn’t earn this title by being sloppy. I’m beginning to wonder whether Apple’s been planting these Touch ID stories in a brilliant game of misdirection. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

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