A Year of Lil Wayne: Young Dolph Tribute Post

Day 135: “Preach” feat. 2 Chainz – Sorry 4 the Wait 2, 2015

There’s new Young Dolph tape out today, so here Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz rapping on one of Young Dolph’s best songs. It incidentally also has a Zaytoven beat that sounds like an elevated version of the music from Kirby’s Dreamland, a Gameboy game that I played for something close to a million hours during childhood. I love that Wayne rapped over this beat because it’s a nod to his roots of pulling out slightly under-the-radar Southern rap hits and totally bodying them.

This song is actually quite great, from Wayne bragging about his robot car parking itself and looking like a unicorn to 2 Chainz boasting that he eats so much Benihana’s that he needs nunchucks, which doesn’t really make sense but is pretty funny. 2 Chainz loves Japan, in case last year’s two Japanese lunch-themed mixtapes didn’t make that clear. Above all, though, there’s this Wayne line: “Too much fucking talent / rap Shakespeare, go Hamlet.”

Obviously Wayne is rap Shakespeare. Much as Shakespeare invented words like “dwindle” and “dauntless,” Wayne invented the word “bling.” Shakespeare also invented the words “gossip” and “swagger,” while Wayne made “Gossip” and “Swagger Like Us.” The similarities are mindblowing.

Anyway, listen to this song and go pick up that Dolph tape right here.

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