5 Things Jason Momoa Needs More Than These 'Bodyguards'

Jason Momoa appeared on Jimmy Kimmel recently, but photos of him walking to the studio are garnering far more attention than the interview he gave inside of it.

Mostly because of this picture right here:

Jason Momoa Tiny Bodyguards

Jason Momoa Tiny Bodyguards

What you’re looking at is burly man-god Momoa walking to set flanked by not one but two bodyguards.

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Now, it’s not particularly rare for celebs to travel with protection, but Khal Drogo?? Does Khal Drogo really need bodyguards? And if he did, um, shouldn’t they be bigger than he is? I mean, who is going to plan to attack Jason Momoa and then think better of it because of these dudes?

Don’t get me wrong! These men look incredibly helpful and they would probably do a great job guarding many different bodies. If I was by myself in a dark alley I’d want them escorting me home safely.

But I’m not 6’4″ and 230 lbs. I don’t have arms the size of tree-trunks and size 14 feet. I don’t have a badass forearm tattoo and an incredibly masculine mane of chestnut hair that looks ten times better than my own hair does on the best of days.

In short, there are about a million things Jason Momoa needs far more than he needs these ridiculous (though well-intentioned) bodyguards.

Here are five of them:

1. His Khaleesi Back

Khal Drogo

Image: Giphy

You knew this was coming.

Look, I know that in real life Momoa is married to the indomitable Lisa Bonet and they have two children together and by all accounts seem perfectly happy.

I am also fully aware that Khal Drogo and Daenerys were a fictional couple and thus do not exist in our current shitshow reality.

But, if we live in a world where Momoa needs two adorable little hobbits to escort him to set, it seems just as plausible that we can live in a world where a love like this is reignited IRL. It’s as much for us as it is for him.


We need this.

2. Better Roles

Aquaman? Who the hell cares about Aquaman? When I first heard about Aquaman I got confused and thought it was Waterworld and was then genuinely disappointed when I realized was wrong. That’s how few fucks I give about Aquaman.

I mean I’ll watch Aquaman., I’ll be first in line for Aquaman because Jason Momoa. But my point is that he needs better roles and more roles and did I talk about his hair already? Because he’s the only one who has ever worn a man bun and made it look this good.

Jason Momoa Bun

Jason Momoa Bun

Sorry, I got distracted. But more roles, better roles, more screen time. Everybody wins!

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3. More Interviews

Hand in hand with more roles and better roles comes more interviews. Interviews like this one where he talks about living in the wild and owning a donkey and then shows Kimmel how to throw axes. Axes that he made with his own giant hands.

It doesn’t even matter if you have the sound on, you can just watch him. Look how bashful he is when he first comes out.

Jason Momoa Kimmel

Jason Momoa Kimmel

Dude is a literal giant and he’s so adorable and shy and it’s like he doesn’t even know how magnificent he is. But he is.

So magnificent.

 4. More Twitter Followers

As of today, Momoa only has 107,000 twitter followers.

Jason Momoa Twitter

Jason Momoa Twitter

This is not ok. Not just because this sumptuous man-beast posts incredible things like this and as a Canadian it is part of my official citizenship duties to appreciate anything hockey-related, but also because fast-food restaurant Arby’s has 718,000 followers.


Arby’s having more twitter followers than Jason Momoa is as ridiculous as Jason Momoa needing bodyguards. I won’t stand for it.

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5. Some Goddamn Recognition

Momoa’s Instagram account is faring much better with 1.8m followers, and this makes me very happy.

I’m happy because, in addition to sharing glimpses of his deliciously wild life, Momoa uses this social media platform to advocate for initiatives he believes in and he deserves more recognition for throwing his considerable weight behind worthy causes.

Causes like the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Jason Momoa Instagram

Jason Momoa Instagram

And the Women’s March.

Jason Momoa Instagram 2

Jason Momoa Instagram 2

I mean, dude used the hashtag #VivaVaginas. Need I say more?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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