23 Love Coupons — Because Cheesy Gifts Are the Best Gifts

When you hear the word “coupon,” your mind doesn’t usually race with sexy thoughts — but we promise that love coupons can be much more naughty than clipping discounts out of the Sunday paper.

Love coupons are an inexpensive way to add some fun into your relationship — and although you’re giving them as a gift, you can totally finagle the coupons in your favor. I mean, a coupon for a hot night at a hotel with your partner kinda seems like a win for everyone.

And your coupons don’t have to be sexual. Maybe your partner has been wanting a massage, or a spa day. Boom, love coupon. There are million different directions you can take them. Here are some examples.

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Love coupon book
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  • I will treat you to an afternoon at the spa!
  • I will give you a full body massage.
  • This coupon entitles you to three candlelit dinners at your choice of restaurant!
  • Redeem this coupon for a romantic afternoon picnic!
  • This coupon is good for 30 full minutes of oral sex.
Love coupon book printables
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  • An evening out on the town. It’s all on me!
  • I will do the dishes and laundry for an entire week.
  • One full night of snuggling and kissing.
  • One night of watching stars together.
  • You will receive breakfast in bed!
  • One bubble bath together.

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Originally published January 2016. Updated January 2017.


Idea for printable love coupons
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  • Redeemable for three passionate kisses.
  • A day of watching five DVDs of your choice!
  • Redeemable for $100 worth of lingerie!
  • This coupon allows you to celebrate a second Valentine’s Day this year!
  • Use this coupon for an entire evening of dancing.
  • Use this coupon for one lap dance!
Love coupon books ideas to print
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  • Redeem this coupon for a game of strip poker.
  • Coupon for one new sex position every night for a week!
  • One day of golf!
  • I will be your sex slave for an entire day! (Safe word to be determined)
  • I will give you one hot night at any hotel of your choice!
  • Redeem this coupon and have any of your sexual fantasies fulfilled.
  • This coupon entitles you to a 20 minute make-out session.
  • Redeemable for your choice of three romantic wishes.

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Now, here are a few tips on how to make them and how to give them to your partner:

You can make your own coupon book by printing the templates right from this page. If you want to create the coupons from scratch, grab some red or pink cardstock sheets, scissors, a hole punch, glue stick and ribbon. Write your offers on the cardstock and cut them out. Decorate them with ribbons!

You don’t have to give your lover all of the coupons at once. Tear them out, one by one, and hide them in various places. You could put one under the pillow. You could sneak one in his/her briefcase. Slip one inside of the book that he/she is reading. You can fill a Christmas stocking up with a handful of coupons.

Be sure to create coupons of things that you’ll enjoy doing yourself. After all, they are promises from you to your lover. If you really don’t want to do them, you might end up letting him/her down. The idea is to create coupons for activities that you will both enjoy.

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Whenever he/she wants to redeem one of the coupons, be sure to keep your promise! If the coupon is for a romantic picnic, don’t make any other plans for that afternoon. If it’s for being a sex slave for a day, don’t try to get out of it. Love coupons are a way for the two of you to get out of the norm and try some fun, exciting things. However, you must be serious about them. Don’t try to get out of doing any of them.

Printables by: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

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