13 Tips For Snacking A Little Healthier

We’re hardwired to crave sweet, salty, fatty, and high-calorie foods. “Look at chips — they’re perfectly balanced when it comes to the amount of salt and crunch,” Ewoldt says. And having just one bite can make you crave more, Jones says.

So try to replace these snacks with healthier ones whenever possible. “I always recommend people have a balanced snack that includes some form of complex carb, protein, and healthy fat,” Jones says. Fiber will also fill you up for awhile, Ewoldt says.

Some examples: fruits, nuts or nut butter, low-fat string cheese or Greek yogurt, pea pods (like edamame), and fruits and vegetables. You could aim for a couple hundred calories, Ewoldt says, but first listen to your hunger cues. “Eat to the point of being pleasantly satisfied,” Jones says, adding that while this will be different for each person, you should never reach the point of being uncomfortably full.

You can find some good snack ideas here and here.

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