102 Things Anyone With A Penis Should Probably Know

The penis can be a complicated part of the body, especially when issues arise. Thankfully, we have urologists who are ready, willing, and able to help. They are experts in the field, so when we asked them about what you, as a reader, should know about penises, they came through. You can see the more important points in 15 Penis Facts Urologists Want You To Know.

Example fact: You can actually fracture the penis, but probably not in the way you think. There are no bones in the penis. There are, however, two tubes of spongy tissue that fill up with blood during an erection, making the penis hard. These tubes aren’t meant to be bent when they’re filled up, but sometimes — usually during drunk or rough sex — the penis doesn’t go ~in~ the way it’s supposed to. If this happens and the penis is bent to the point where you hear a pop or snap, then you chances are you fractured your penis.

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